The last 24th July, LAFONTE.EU celebrated with customers, suppliers and collaborators the 40th year of enterprise. 

About 170 people joined the event, many of which came from different countries like Germany, USA, Russia, Brazil, France, England, Spain, Poland (LAFONTE sold to 45 countries last year) ,They were LA FONTE'S customers for a long time,  and they could visit the current production site, located in Vedano Olona (VA), where filtration and pumping systems ,  the ones for the purification of corrosive liquids and those one  for the precious metals recovery are produced. They are all employed in the electroplating sector.

In the late morning the customers could view all the processing steps in the modern work center, including the assembling and the tests. This last one is done via special test benches, where all parameters required (like flows, pressures, electrical input, ecc.) and hydraulic  seals  are checked, with the final printing of test report on every appliance, that attests to the suitability.

Now the company, that counts twenty five employees, is placed in a building of about 2000 mq, but it is expected to move to another head office of 4000 mq, with a distance of a few meters from the current one. It shows an evolving and an expansion combined with a solid and winning management of the society.

After a short brunch in the head office, in the afternoon the customers were accompanied by bus to the Pallanza Verbania pier for a short speedboat cruise to discover the Lago Maggiore's islands. 
At the end of this little cruise, the speedboats landed on the shore of the sumptuous Villa Rusconi Clerici, where in the gardens of this villa the festivity went on with buffets and the dinner until late night.

In the end of the day, Roberto and Marco Poretti thanked all the participants and expressed gratitude to the customers, collaborators and suppliers, that with their contribution too made LAFONTE.EU be the international leader of the country. 

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